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Cleaner and Deglosser pre-stain conditioner Shellac based stain

Uncle Jeff’s Swamp Mud

Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ is our Magically Textured, Go To Prep Product for Non-porous and slick surfaces like Metal, Glass, Laminate, Veneer, and Marble.
With just one coat of Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™, your Project is Primed and Paint Ready!  Yes, it can ALSO be used on any other type of surface as a base coat for your Paint!
Swamp Mud™ is also perfect for minimizing small imperfections.
Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated – Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ is a Must-Have in your Workshop!
16oz size only


Colorful and water-based! Cleans up with soap and water! No smell! 15 fab colors! 8 oz size 
Gel stain for natural wood. Old world collection of rich wood tones.

Miss Lillian’s Antiquing Glaze

Miss Lillian’s Antiquing Glaze gracefully ages with a subtle sheen adding elegance and an aged look to your painted pieces.
This water based glaze is one of the EASIEST glazes you will ever use!!
Additionally, our Antiquing Glazes can be mixed together to make your own custom color OR mix some with our Miss Lillian’s Metallic Glazes to add some shimmer to your project!